Daily Workouts that you will find ONLY in this challenge – 30 days of video guided daily workouts designed to burn fat and build muscle.

  • All workouts can be performed AT HOME, any time of the day!
  • Workouts can be done in a user friendly app, on a desktop, or be printed out.
  • Training sessions are 5 days a week, targets specific muscles with 1 full upper body day.
  • Suggested cardio included as well.

Customized Nutrition – A personalized macro count calculated specifically designed for your body based on an assessment you provide – Choose whether you want an aggressive deficit, moderate, or maintenance calories. 

An extensive guide on how to track your macros and get a handle on your nutrition – You will receive a PDF with loads of information that you can use forever!

A Private Facebook Community – for support, motivation, recipes and the sense of community!

I have offered a FREE MONTH discount code for The Power Pancake Challenge to anyone who is subscribed (or becomes subscribed) to SloaneSquad (not required to completing this challenge) since those people already pay for the app subscription.

I recommend doing that now BEFORE you sign up for the challenge – you will get a free month of SloaneSquad and the Challenge for the same price.

Once Subscribed, go to GROUPS tab, select SLOANESQUAD and the code is located in welcome text!

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