Ab Workout To Try At Home

Sloane Davis Doing Ab Workouts You Can Try at Home | Pancakes & Pushups

Trying to stay healthy both mentally and physically during this “shelter-in place” can be very challenging.  The good news is a gym is not required and fitness is not cancelled like everything else! 

The best way to try to stay active is to make it part of your day – schedule it in like anything else important.  While it’s very easy to get into a lazy slump while quarantined, if you have structure you will make it much easier to incorporate activity into your regimen and a silver lining by Summer you will have those six-pack abs! My workouts require no equipment but if you do find you want to add extra resistance I have many creative ways to do so!

Here are some ab exercises you can do from home with no equipment:

Plank Jack




Take the Plank Jack up a notch – 

Plank Jack to Push up






Scissor Kicks