Best Ways to Get Fit over 30

Woman Getting Back in Shape at 30

Fitness over 30 is challenging. How do you fit in workouts when you’re busy caring for your family? And how do you find time to prepare nutritious meals when you’re working all day?

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry! Fitness over 30, or at any age, is perfectly achievable – you just need to make it a priority. Here are six tips for getting in shape at 30 which you can start working on right now.  

Have a Plan

First, you need a plan! Set yourself some fitness goals and decide how you’ll achieve them. Then, measure your progress to ensure you’re on track to meet those goals. 

The best ways to get fit at 30 are all about fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle – here’s how to build your own personalized fitness plan!

Find Exercises You Enjoy

Whether it’s trying a spin session or mastering your first push-up, it’s crucial you set yourself fun workout challenges. 

If you’re looking forward to your next workout, you won’t see it as a chore. You’ll be motivated to make exercise a regular part of your weekly routine.   

Stretch Daily

Stretching comes with many benefits, including better posture and improved flexibility. It’s also really helpful for helping you relax and let go of life’s daily stresses!   

Even just five minutes while you’re making dinner or before you pick up the kids can make a huge difference to your overall flexibility, so try it today.   

Hire a Personal Trainer

When you’re working hard or you’re busy looking after a family, it’s hard to stay accountable to yourself. You might neglect your own needs and throw your fitness goals on the backburner. 

A personal trainer or fitness coach helps ensure you stay focused on you – even if it’s just for an hour a day. Whether you’re looking for customized workout plans or meal ideas, I can help, so reach out today to learn more.    

Eat Nutritious Meals

Make healthy eating a priority! Prioritize protein – it helps you feel full for longer, and promotes lean muscle growth. 

Dietary changes can really help when you’re focusing on fitness at 30, so check out my customized nutrition plans for help building a grocery list and meal ideas for your busy lifestyle.

Build Some Lean Muscle

Don’t neglect strength training! Building a little lean muscle helps improve your overall body shape, especially when coupled with a high-protein, nutritious diet. 

You don’t necessarily need a weights room or a gym membership to build muscle as a beginner, either. Check out my SloaneSquad App for quick, strength-focused workouts you can do at home. 

Make Fitness Over 30 Easy – Join SloaneSquad!

Getting in shape at 30 doesn’t need to be a chore. I designed my SloaneSquad app with your particular needs in mind, offering you short, effective workouts which you can easily slot into your busy day. 

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