There are many factors that go in to getting the body you want, but one of the most important is CONSISTENCY.  Whatever program you choose to follow, if you aren’t consistent you will not succeed!

Abs are made in the kitchen – diet is 90% of the game with training trailing behind at a mere 10%.  Abs need to grow with the proper macronutrients and they will only show if you have little body fat covering them! Everyone has abs – most are just in hiding!

1 bad meal will not change your body. You didn’t get fat in one day and you aren’t going to get thin in a day –

If you don’t stay on track for a meal, don’t fret! Just don’t let it turn in to an entire day of poor choices – get right back on track and move on.

Stay on track, be consistent, keep an eye on the prize and you WILL get there!