Five Pre-Workout Meal Ideas

As you likely know from reading my posts, I am a huge advocate of feeding your body what it needs to perform. Understanding how to properly eat not only leads to a healthier mind and body; it can also make or break your workout, depending on your training. Properly fueling your body pre-workout preserves muscle glycogen and helps with recovery. It will also ensure you have the energy you need to get the most out of your workout. 

Focusing on the right servings of protein and complex carbohydrates will enable you to unlock your inner body beast and be able to rock your workout! 

Below are five my favorite pre-workout meals, and ideally should be eaten 30-90 minutes before your workout:

  1. Grilled chicken, broccoli and a small potato (sweet or white). This meal may seem a bit bland but it’s a magic combo for ultimate performance! If you need a little more pleasure for your palate, add some spices on your chicken or a bit of cinnamon on the sweet potato or greek yogurt for some extra protein on your white potato. Even the smallest tweaks can make the biggest differences.
  2. Whole grain bread with egg whites, veggies, avocado or cheese. If you prefer morning workouts, this is a perfect pre-workout meal. It’s fast and simple to make and a great complement to your a.m. sweat session.
  3. Smoothie with almond milk, protein powder and berries. This is another great option for those who hit the gym early in the morning. Just blend these ingredients up, pour and sip your way to a better workout. I love using frozen fruit to make the shake thick!
  4. Blueberries and Greek yogurt. If you spend most of your day running from one meeting to the next and usually hit the gym on your way home, this is a great go-to mini-meal. It requires no prep time, can be easily carried to and from meetings and can be eaten almost anywhere. 
  5. Banana, almond or peanut butter and a protein shake . This is another quick and easy mini-meal that you can eat when you’re on the run. Simply pre-measure your almond butter into a container, slice up your banana, spread the almond butter onto the slices and you’ve got a delicious pre-workout meal down and done! Serve with a protein shake of protein powder mixed with your choice of milk or water!

So remember, if you want your body to perform, you should fuel it the right way. You cannot starve yourself and expect to be able to kill it at the gym, and please stop living in fear of carbohydrates. Food is your friend and fuel. Treat your body right and you’ll be on your way to a better body and a better mindset. For more healthy meal ideas and customized plans to help build a better you, click here.