Get Active With Your Kids!

Being active with your kids is not only a great way to spend time together, but it’s also a great way to get to know each other a bit better and see the fun side of one another.  Not only are you partaking in the same activities to make them feel “equal,” but you are also setting a great example to be healthy and fit in showing your children your active lifestyle. Being active together will make you feel happy, content and healthy.

I know that as a mom of two teenagers, they cannot get their heads out of their phones.  If I make some form of activity fun, it means less screen time for them, and more family bonding for everyone.

Here are some ways to stay active together with your kids:

If you have a baby that can’t walk yet, place the baby on its back and do a push up towards his face.  Each time you go down kiss him!  I can assure you that not only will you be displaying love and affection, but you are bound to get some giggles out of him too.

Use the baby as a weight.  You can perform squats and lunges while holding him.  While he thinks he is simply being held, you will be burning mad calories and building some muscle!

If you have a baby and an older child, take the baby for a stroll and let the older child walk or ride his bike.  The older child will feel very special that he is able to do something on his own while his baby sibling has to be in the stroller.  The upside is that you are able to be active along side your kids, getting your exercise in, and everyone is happy, enjoying the outdoors.

If you have older kids,  a trampoline is a great activity to jump with your kids.  They love it and they will love to see you acting like a kid.  My daughter was quite impressed when I showed her my moves on our trampoline.  And, it’s a great way to burn calories for everyone involved.

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is ride our bikes.  We make a destination, often times lunch or a snack, and ride there.  We are able to talk while resting, and then get back on our bikes to travel back home.

Another great activity to do with your kids is simply go for a hike.  Let them lead, as they love to show you that they can do it.  Find a great stick along the way and make it a walking stick.  It gives them something to do and again, feel important when finding the “right” one.

If your kids are at a sports practice on a field, find a track or a nearby place to go for a walk or jog.  They will know you are there and while you are not doing the actual physical activity together, there is still a connection that you are both being active in the same vicinity.

Too cold outside? Have a dance party.  Turn up the music and go wild and free!  You can play freeze dance which kids love, have a dance contest, or simply dance.  Either way, you are burning calories and having fun at the same time!

Work out with your kids.  They all love to emulate their parents.  Get them a set of light dumbbells. Perform bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, overhead presses, renegade rows just to name a few.

Exercise without dumbbells.  Perform wall sits, squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups.  Have a contest in who can hold the longest plank.  The possibilities are endless!

If you are at the beach or pool, don’t be that mom that doesn’t want to get her hair wet.  Get in and start having fun with your kids.  My daughter loves to try and catch me in the pool.  We play Marco Polo, and other fun games where she chases me in the pool.  My son loves to play basketball in the pool.  At the beach we all love to ride the waves together.  Without even knowing it, you are burning calories and having fun with your kids.

So as you can see, sometimes getting your workout in doesn’t have to be a “chore”.  Don’t send them out to play alone.  Make it a family affair and enjoy the time in taking the kids along.  You’ll still get your sweat on only it will be in a different atmosphere and you’ll be setting a great example and exemplifying being a wonderful role model. Not only will this keep your kids happy and healthy but it will give you a chance to bond with them while getting in a much needed workout.