Is it Too Late to Get In Shape?

Woman getting in shape at 30

Have you ever wondered “is it too late to get in shape?” After the year we’ve had, you’re not the only one thinking this. Between the sudden change in routine to closures of gyms and public places, many individuals, regardless of age, have wondered how they can once again take control of their health in uncertain times.

No matter if you’re a gym novice or wondering about getting fit at 30 after not working out for years, we have you covered. Read on to learn more about how to start getting in shape after 30, no matter if you’re a working professional, mom, or have a hectic schedule.

Is It Ever Too Late To Get In Shape?

Let’s be real, it gets more difficult to lose weight as you age. In fact, experts have found that, while by no means impossible, it does become harder to lose weight after turning 30. When getting fit at 30 and beyond, you’re working against changing hormones and your body naturally losing muscle and replacing it with fat. However, it’s never too late to get in shape.

Rather, your body needs a different approach to maintaining overall wellness.

Tips For Getting Fit at 30

When getting in shape after 30, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some things you should look for in over 30 workout programs:

Convenience: After 30, a marathon at the gym may not be sustainable for your body (or your schedule!). You need a fitness routine that works for your life and is easy on your body. Make sure to find a program that makes your exercise time efficient and can easily mold to your schedule.

Focus on full-body: It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on working out one part of your body. However, when getting in shape at 30, this can be detrimental to your overall fitness goals. Make sure to utilize over 30 workout programs that focus on full-body exercises to work all your muscles rather than just a specific region.

Warm-up and cool down: No matter your energy level, it’s important to dedicate time to warming up and cooling down after your workouts. When getting fit at 30, the pre- and post-workout regimen is essential for keeping your body healthy and avoiding any sprains, strains, and ever-dreaded overtraining.

Getting In Shape After 30 With Pancakes & Push-Ups

I started Pancakes & Push-ups because I know that getting in shape after 30 is possible with the right approach. 

The selection of weight loss programs that I’ve designed are for real adults with busy schedules. From customized nutrition plans to simple home workouts, you are sure to find a plan that works for your lifestyle and needs. All of our programs focus on a realistic, holistic approach to health and wellness for the best, most sustainable results. 

So next time you think “is it too late to get in shape?” just remember that people like you have transformed their bodies at every age (including me!) ! Take your first step to your sustainable fitness today.