6 Myths About Fitness Over 50

Exercise for older adults fitness over 50

Exercise matters at every age, whether you’re 20, 50, or 80, but sometimes we imagine this means huge time commitments and intense routines. This is not true! I dispel six common myths about exercise for older adults so you can start working towards a healthier, happier you right now! 

1. It’s Too Late to Get Fit

This is one of the worst myths about fitness over 50! It’s always a good time to exercise more, no matter how new you are to fitness. What’s important is that you find exercises you enjoy and stay accountable to yourself. You can even write your own fitness plan so you have some clear goals to work towards. 

2. Lifting Weights is Dangerous

Again, this simply isn’t true (provided you are doing a lifting exercise correctly). So long as you start with weights you’re comfortable with – even if this means no hand weights, just bodyweight exercises like squats – you’re safe to try lifting weights. Not only can strength training improve your shape, but it can help you build some muscle and improve bone density, which makes you less prone to trips or falls as you get older. 

3. I’m Not Flexible Enough Anymore

Maybe you’re not as flexible as you once were, but you can still be flexible. For starters, getting up and moving regularly helps keep your joints mobile. Secondly, adding in a few common toe touches, touch-the-ceiling upward stretches, and squat stretches into your morning adds less than 10 minutes to your routine! What’s more, your muscles will feel less stiff, which makes you less susceptible to sprains or injury when you do exercise.  

4. It’s Not Effective Unless It’s Tough

All movement is beneficial, especially when it comes to exercise for older adults. Even just walking more or adding some yoga to your daily routine can make you feel more energized and ready to take on the day. 

Don’t feel pressured into high-intensity workouts. Only do what feels right for your body, especially if you’re new to fitness over 50. Work up to exercise routines such as my easy 20 minute full body home workout!

5. There’s No Point in Changing My Diet 

Older woman trying fitness app

It’s never too late to eat healthier and enjoy nutritious foods. Remember, fitness isn’t just about exercise. It’s also about improving your overall wellbeing. 

A high-protein diet will give you fuel you need to handle more exercise, so add some variety to your day by trying out new recipes and meal ideas. Check out my SloaneSquad fitness app or my recipe book for inspiration! 

6. I Can’t Exercise With Arthritis 

Have you been told you have arthritis? It’s common over 50, but don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. 

Regular movement can help to strengthen your joints, reduce inflammation, and make you less prone to injury or stiffness, so don’t be afraid to take up low impact exercise like walking or low impact strength training.

Ignore Myths About Fitness Over 50 – Join SloaneSquad!

Taking steps now to improve your overall wellness can help you feel healthier and more mobile for longer. I’m living proof that you can live your best life over 50! I invite you to join  my curated app SloaneSquad today and try at home workouts today.