Seven Things You Can Learn from My Successful Clients

When it comes to weight loss, being successful can often feel impossible. Between setbacks and bad days and do-overs, it seems many people are on a hamster wheel of health, constantly beginning and ending their weight loss battle. So, I was curious about what makes some people long-term success stories while others struggle. After hearing from many of my successful clients, here are the top seven tips for staying on track and achieving your goals:

They use me to the best of their ability – Because training with me is more than a one-shot deal where you get an email with a plan and all is said and done, my clients take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about fitness. They ask questions when they struggle, they learn from my methods, they reach out if more information is needed. They allow me to educate them and keep them engaged in their fitness journey and more importantly, they allow me to be their private cheerleader, keeping them pumped up and prepared to meet their goals. 

They do something every day – Are my successful clients perfect? Nope. However, they do try everything they can to stay on track. This doesn’t always mean they do intense workouts daily or that their diets are free of error. What it does mean is, if they don’t have time for a workout they find some way to move their bodies as much as possible. It could be a walk, dancing with friends, or maybe some pushups, squats and sit-ups in a hotel room before they start their day. Whatever it takes, they’re getting it done. It also means that yes, they’ll have a slice or two of pizza sometimes or dig into dessert, but they make sure what they’re putting in their mouths the rest of the day is healthy to balance it out.

They are consistent – One thing that almost all successful people have in common is consistency. For my clients, this means never giving up. They stick to the nutrition and workout plan I’ve laid out for them even after they mess up or go off track. They continue to push harder on workouts and keep learning about nutrition. They also know that one bad meal or even a bad day does not mean it’s over. They accept it and move on; learning from mistakes or setbacks and pushing forward toward goals. 

They find ways to make a program work – Maybe there are food items on a nutrition plan they hate or maybe a workout is too high-impact for them. They don’t just throw in the towel. Instead, they work around it. Find comparable meal items, find lower-impact workout options. They take what’s been designed for them and customize it, so it truly becomes a lifestyle plan, not just a phase. 

They track everything – From their meal plans to their workouts to their progress, they have it documented. If they are up in weight, they can see where they might have gotten off track. If a workout is becoming too easy, they know what they last did and how to increase the intensity. Most importantly, they know how much weight they’ve lost, how many inches they’re down and in some cases, even have progress pictures of their journey so they can see at a single glance how far they’ve come. The Pancakes and Push Ups app has everything you need to track right at your fingertips, even progress pictures and measurements! 

They’re always looking for motivation – Whether they’re turning to me for advice, asking a friend or reading the latest fitness blog, they are always looking for ways to improve. To truly make fitness a lifestyle, you need to constantly stay motivated. You need to be excited about your health, pumped for your workouts and quite frankly, really enjoy meal planning. Sometimes staying psyched for all of this needs an extra push. For my clients, they search and discover; always finding new ways to stay motivated.

Want to be successful in your weight loss journey? Then it’s time to invest in your health and yourself. The One-on-One Life Coaching Plan is a great spot to start – or you can try variety of fitness and nutrition plans in our shop.