Simple Tips for Losing Fat 

If you’re here on my site, I must assume it’s because you want to lose fat and build a better body. Congrats, you’re in good company! While some people may believe that losing fat is a daunting task, in reality, it comes down to following some simple steps.

Get some shut eye – There’s a reason people have referred to it as beauty sleep – your body regenerates while you sleep, creating a better you in the morning. Not getting enough sleep can result in heightened cortisol levels, increased belly fat, increased appetite and a decrease in willpower to say no to fatty snacks. If you’re not snoozing a minimum of 6-8 hours a night, you’re also likely losing your battle with the bulge. 

Pump up the protein – Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way and anti-carb girl. I believe our bodies need good carbs to stay fueled and functional. That being said, I also cannot deny the power of protein. Not only does protein reduce appetite and hunger pangs, leading to you eating fewer calories naturally, it’s also been linked to lower percentages of belly fat and preservation of muscle mass – keeping your metabolism fired up all day long!

Make fat your friend – No, I don’t mean load up on pizza and burgers, I’m talking healthy fat. Adding in foods like avocados, nuts and olive oil can reduce your appetite, reduce your waist size and keep you feeling fuller longer and more satiated by your meal.  Just a tablespoon or two once to twice a day can do the trick. Don’t overdo it though – fat adds up fast and can send you way over your calories needed to lose weight.

Strength train – Adding strength training to your workouts is the easiest way to burn more fat. It builds muscle and reduces visceral fat – the dangerous belly fat that surrounds your organs. It additionally increases your metabolism allowing you to burn an estimated 7% more calories even after you’re finished working out

Keep your calories in check – If you’re trying to lose fat, you want to ensure you’re not consuming more calories than you’re burning. A simple way is to find out how many calories your body needs to maintain and then deduct 300-500 calories from there. That will send you in to a calorie deficit which is the ultimate factor in losing fat. Keep in mind that if you’re watching your macros and eating good, healthy, fresh foods, you can still gain if you’re eating more calories than you need. 

Limit your jiggle juice – Sure, we all enjoy a glass of wine or beer at the end of a tough day. And who doesn’t love a night out with friends, drinking and laughing? Unfortunately, even if you’re at the top of your diet and workout game, too much alcohol can undo your good deeds and cause you to gain weight. I’m not saying you must swear off alcohol entirely, I’m just suggesting you limit it. A glass here or there with dinner or lunch is fine. Having six beers and three shots every Saturday night is not. 

Be patient! – Losing weight takes TIME! Most people give up before they even get started or at the first sight of a plateau.  Then they are trying the next fad diet. Stop looking for the next thing and simply work on becoming better each day.

By incorporating these simple steps into your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to a leaner, healthier you in no time. Need a more personalized program? No worries, I’ve got you covered here.

Hire a life coach – Sometimes, we need help. We just have to know when to ask for it! With the help of me as your life coach, and the One-on-One Life Coaching Plan, you’ll be on the right track to becoming a healthier version of yourself.

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