Single Best Way to Burn Calories and Lose Weight?

Whether you are a male or female, the same rules apply:

Single best way to burn fat? Lift weights.

Single best way to lose fat? Lift weights.

Single best way to change your overall physique? Lift weights.

Single best way to build muscle? Lift weights.

While cardio has about a 6 hour “afterburn” (the amount of calories still expended after the workout), weight training gives you up to 36 hours of an afterburn.  Therefore, if you lift weights 4 times a week there is never a time that your not burning calories while resting.  In other words, your metabolism is much higher after you weight train as opposed to cardio.

If you only have time to do one, weight lifting will always triumph cardio.  You will get far better results in any situation from lifting weights instead of cardio.   Cardio cannot change your body the way weight training will.  Yes, its a great aid in losing weight, but more people are after that “tight” toned look and you simply cannot achieve that look with cardio alone.

Another reason you should lift weights is because your metabolism will increase over time the more muscle you build.  The more muscle you build the more calories you will burn when resting 24/7.

This is the main reason why men typically can eat more than women without gaining weight – they have more lean muscle mass on their body which in turn means they are burning more calories throughout the day.

So if you are a typical hamster spinning the cardio wheel, it’s time you gave weight lifting a shot so that you too can get in on the greatest secret to changing your physique. Give me 12 weeks to shred your body with my Kickstarter Plan. Don’t forget to take before and after pictures because I guarantee you will certainly see the changes within a few weeks after you pick up the iron!

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