It was 4 weeks, intense and had an outstanding community, all striving for the same mental and physical improvements!

While each person had their our own customized macros, we all completed the same workout schedule, pushing through each day, and cheering eachother on.

I loved the vibe on the private Facebook page – so many of you simply showed up to motivate one another and lean on each other for help and support! Community is what it’s all about!

There were hundreds of people who stepped up to the challenge.  While you are ALL winners, the following is who I hand picked for the grand prize and a few more to be recognized.


Jennifer’s Challenge Testimonial

While I did not lose weight, still at 133 lbs (although It is that time of the month), I definitely toned up and lost inches.

I enjoyed the summer challenge and will be continuing with Sloane Squad.

I am 49 1/2 years old and feel like this has been the only program so far to help me tone up.

I have gone to the gym for years, been on diets and haven’t seen changes until this program.

I have a lot more toning to do, but it’s a start and if I can do it at almost 50 years old, so can anyone.

Thank you so much for doing this for us, I really appreciate it. Jen


Here are some other amazing ladies who shared their 4 week progress photos that are sure to motivate YOU!


Lisa’s Challenge Testimonial

Participating in this challenge has helped me lose 7 pounds!

I have never felt better and could not be happier with the results.

The workouts were challenging but manageable and I never felt like I was starving or hungry. I will definitely continue to do the workouts and stick with the nutrition plan.

Looking forward to even better results!
Thanks Sloane!










Andrea’s Challenge Testimonial

The Pancakes and Push Ups Challenge was awesome. It motivated me to work out consistently 6 days a week, and really gave me an appreciation for weight-lifting and the joy of feeling stronger each time I tried something again.
The structure of the workouts was really easy to follow, and logging into the app every day to see what we were going to do was exciting, because I loved the variety of exercises and the combination of them that Sloane put together.
On the nutrition side, counting macros also taught me how to think creatively to reach my food goals and to think about what worked and what didn’t.
On a personal note, I recovered from Covid-19 in the beginning of April, so for me to be able to work out consistently and to have gotten my fitness back enough to be able to do such a challenge was truly rewarding and satisfying, and the best part about the programme was that you can do everything at your own pace and the number of sets you prefer, so I could reduce them if I needed to or halve the entire day’s workout if need be.
But I never wanted to, I enjoyed that it was as much of a mental challenge as a physical one, to push myself through to the end and feel really proud of myself.
Thanks Sloane, I look forward to continuing the journey.”


Jennifer’s Challenge Testimonial

The Power Pancake Challenge made a huge impact on my life!

I’m so glad that I made the decision to join this challenge for 4 weeks.

I do not normally have problems with weight gain, but 3 years on travel for work had me 10 pounds heavier than normal. I was feeling sluggish and not fitting into my clothes. I tried doing more cardio, but the weight did not budge.

When the quarantine started, I found myself eating and drinking more, so I quickly gained another 5 pounds. It was then I decided something needed to change!

That day in my Instagram feed I saw Sloane ask if anyone was interested in a four-week challenge. $50 for nutritional assistance, a fitness program, Sloane, and the rest of the challenge group. BARGAIN!!!!

Best part is that it is not the latest crazy diet fad. There were no supplements you had to pay a small fortune for, and you could eat whatever you wanted and still have wine!

This program is a game changer. It is easily adapted to how people live their lives.

The result of this challenge was a weight loss of 7.5 pounds. This is significant since I am only 5’3” and 45 years old!

More importantly, my body had started to build muscle and reshape itself. I am excited to continue with Sloane’s programs and see what I can accomplish!


Andrea’s Challenge Testimonial

This month was fabulous!
I committed and I completed every workout 6x week for all 4 weeks.

Even the one night I got home at 830pm and did it then! I met my macros everyday even if it did result in me eating fishy crackers to meet my carbs 🤣

I lost 3.5 inches overall and 3lbs.

My biceps are bulging!! I’ll keep it up for sure.

I feel strong and I don’t want my new 20 lb weights to gather dust 😉


Michelle’s Challenge Testimonial

First of all thank you for this great challenge! In a time of high stress and lots of uncertainty this came at just the right time for me.

I’ve always been into fitness and eating healthy but the older I get the harder it is to lose. I hit a wall. I found that I was not eating enough for what I was asking of my body.

Tracking my macros and being consistent was the key.

I lost 3.5 Pounds and 1/2 an inch off of my waist.

I love how no foods were off limits, I never felt deprived once.

I will be staying with SloaneSquad for sure, it’s so exciting to get new workouts every week. I love them!! Thank you again!


Anita’s Challenge Testimonial

I am so glad I did the pancake challenge. The work outs were interesting, challenging  and effective. I

would sign up again in a second.

The app worked great  the pancake community was inspiring and I learned a great deal from the instructional videos.

Thankful I had this jumpstart and am super encouraged to keep on keeping on!

There were so many of you that sent in your pictures – and you ALL deserve to be recognized and should be proud of yourselves!

I look forward to doing another all new challenge in September!

Your trainer,