The Secret to Changing Your Body

Want to change your body?  There really are no secrets.  No pills, potions nor powders are going to get you to the body of your choice.  But…there is science which proves that these three things incorporated in to your daily life can definitely bring you results.

I hear so often that “I don’t have good genes,” or “I’ll never look like that,” or “I don’t have time.”

Fact is, if you REALLY want to change your body, it REALLY can be done.  It takes consistency, hard work (lots of it) and perseverance.


Outlined below are a few “secrets” that in order to change your body, you must incorporate in to your daily routine.  Start implementing these and you will see a change in your body over time. I repeat…time.  Losing weight is not a quick fix.  What takes such a short time to put on (the pounds) takes a very long time to take off.

  1. Are you on a diet but not losing weight? Your eating too much.  You’re eating “clean” and watching what you eat but your still not losing weight? You’re eating too much.  Are you diciplined all week and then go out on the weekends and enjoy because you’ve been “good” all week?
    Bottom Line – You MUST be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.
    My best advice? Start tracking your food for a few days.  See how your meals and food choices start adding up quickly.  Then, evaluate and make changes from what you see on paper.
    One important note to point out – your calorie deficit should be moderate.  You don’t want to be in a huge caloric deficit because that leads to binge eating, moodiness and many other problems. Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. Eat your protein! Protein keeps you full, it helps to preserve muscle and a high protein diet has been shown to be more effective at reducing body fat.  The amount of protein an individual needs is based upon how much body fat one has.  If you have more than 25-30% body fat than you need less protein than someone that has only 15-20% body fat.
    Now, I’m not saying to eat all the protein you want (because you CAN eat too much protein) nor am I saying NOT to eat carbs and fat.    But, studies show people tend to eat way too little protein in their diets.
    Tip: Try to incorporate lean protein in your diet. Examples are low fat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, egg whites, chicken breast, tuna fish, 93% beef and ground turkey, shrimp, fish and deli turkey.
  3. Lift Weights.  Women are known to perform very high reps with light weight.  They are afraid of getting “bulky”. Truth is, women don’t produce enough testosterone to get big muscles like a man, so there is no reason to worry!
    Men – leave your ego at the door.  Push a weight where you can perform all the reps with good range of motion.
    Focus on heavy compound lifts.  Compound meaning lifts that focus on more than one body part.  Think squats, overhead presses and the  bench press.
    Did you know that when asked how much weight a man thinks he can lift for 1 rep he over estimates by 50%? And when a woman is asked she underestimates by 50%.  Ladies – you are much more capable of lifting a lot more than you think! Cardio will NOT get you the body you are looking for.  Yes, it aids in weight loss but if you truly want to change your physique you must lift weights.
    Why is lifting weights essential in order to change your body? The more muscle your body has, the leaner you become, the more your body is burning while resting, hence, allowing for a bigger calorie deficit.

So as you can see, it’s pretty straightforward and just a few simple tips to get you started on changing your body.  Start lifting weights, eat an adequate amount of protein and make sure you’re eating in a calorie deficit.

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Give these a try tips and let me know how you progress.

Always, Fitfully yours.