Tips To Keep Your Weight Loss On Track

Weight loss can be challenging both mentally and physically.  We all want a quick fix and the reality is it takes work, patience and consistency to see results. The good news is that anyone can lose weight or re-shape their body, and I want to share with you some tips to help you success and keep your weight loss on track.

  • Track EVERYTHING you eat… and drink – Tracking everything you put in your mouth can be a rude awakening for some people. In your head, you may think you’re 100% on track every day. You’re eating unprocessed, healthy food so there’s no way that you’re eating too much, right? I wish! Just a few days of tracking will often bring to light the harsh reality that those two glasses of wine you relax with each night just put you 240 calories over your limit. Multiply that by three nights, and you’re up 720 calories for the week. Or maybe you thought there’s not much difference between a 4 oz. piece of salmon and a 7 oz. piece. However, those few extra ounces can increase your calorie count by 75 calories. Do that five days a week and you’re up by 375 calories. By tracking everything, you can still have some of the things you love like wine or even a decadent meal, but it keeps you on track and gives you a chance to balance out the calories before it’s too late.
  • Check your calories – When tracking what you eat, pay special attention to your calories. If you notice you’re up on a certain day or week, look closely at what you ate. Did you go over on your carbs? Did you go crazy with the fat? Sometimes just adjusting your calories or particular macrosp-pppp if you follow that can help set your body back on the path to weight loss.
  • Weight Train! – I cannot stress this one enough. So many times I see people running for miles on a treadmill hoping that this will be the answer to their weight loss prayers. Don’t get me wrong, cardio will burn calories and is helpful for weight loss; however, it can sometime also lead to weight gain and water retention.  Excess cardio can create a spike in your appetite causing you to eat back every calorie you burned. It can also increase inflammation in your body leading to bloating and water retention due to cortisol. Weight training workouts are proven to burn fat and calories even after you’re done and is truly the only real way to change the shape of your body. So even if the pounds aren’t flying off, the inches will be!

And again, be patient!  Weight loss takes time!  Make it a lifestyle and think of it as a small deposit you add to your “bank” each day and you will see the rewards add up over time.

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