Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Are you good at sticking to your diet all day and then suddenly want to consume everything you see in sight after dinner? I’m talking salad, grilled chicken and veggies all day and then all hell breaks loose?
Or do you tick to your diet all week and then the weekend comes and  you don’t where to look first for the next thing to put in your mouth?

– follow these simple steps in order to stop binge eating which  will give you greater success at long term fat loss.
 After all, the longer you can stick to whatever plan your on the more success you will have in the end. 
Stop being so strict with your diet!
This may sound crazy, but making stringent rules and too many restrictions makes things harder than they need to be. In turn, it makes you feel crappy for not being “perfect” and that…leads to binging.
Aim for 80% compliance with your diet for fat loss.
Track your food
There are many apps out there that make it simple to track your food.  One of my favorites is Myfitnesspal.
By writing down what you eat each day, you are guaranteed to meet your goals and allow yourself to have whatever foods you like without the guilt. Make it work for YOU.
Hold yourself accountable
One of the things I hear all the time from successful clients is their gratitude that I am there for them to check in with each week and if they don’t check in with me, I make sure to check in with them!
Having accountability is a great tool.  Knowing in the back of your mind that you need to check in with a certain someone holds you more accountable. You don’t want to let that person down.  Ideally every one would like to hire a diet coach, but if you can’t, find a partner (who will be honest with you at the toughest times) to check in with and hold yourself accountable with.
Track Your Progress
Don’t always rely on the scale.  It doesn’t take in to account water, sodium, hormones (for women) and volume of food eaten each day.  Make sure to take progress pictures, measurements, energy levels, and performance in the gym to track progress.
Sometimes putting a picture side by side to see your progress is much better than a number on the scale if it’s not moving as fast as you would like it to.
Don’t diet for too long
You cannot be in a deficit your entire life.  It simply isn’t sustainable and not healthy. Eventually weight loss stalls and then you simply “throw in the towel”.
Allow yourself a few meals each week that will raise your calories to maintenance level so not only can you ensure you won’t gain, but you can give yourself a mental break and in fact release some stress hormones as well which leads to a boost in your metabolism.
Keep in mind that there are no quick fixes when it comes to dieting.  It truly is a day to day endeavor and hard work.  Hard work, yes, but torturous, no.
Enjoy the journey.
Find foods you enjoy eating while losing weight.
Don’t say no to a particular food because you think it’s bad.
Don’t self sabotage your entire diet because you ate too much at one meal.
Find a way to incorporate foods you love in to your plan.
The longer you can sustain the plan you are on the more results you will see.
Even if you can implement one of these tools it may help to stop the urge to binge.
If you have any other ways that helps you in particular comment below! I’d love to hear from you!