Tips to the Wholly Water?

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Most of us know the recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  It flushes you out, prevents certain cancers, disease and obesity.   It keeps your skin looking healthier, your joints and muscles lubricated so your less likely to cramp up.  Water has TONS of benefits!

As a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer it is my job to get you in to shape and keep you fit and trim.  So from my perspective its important to drink water so your liver can metabolize body fat.   My clients are also NOT low carb eaters so drinking water is very important so your body can store glucose as glycogen.  From a fitness perspective, the more water inside your muscles the better they function.

My rule of thumb to my clients is to AIM for a gallon a day.  So, I often get asked, “How?  That seems like a lot! or Any suggestions?”

In fact, I do have a few up my sleeve.

First, the key is to always have it around.  If its out of sight, its out of mind.  A great way is to fill up a jug such as the one pictured below and carry it around with you like a newborn baby.  If you go in the car, it goes with you.  Keep it by your desk, take it to the gym, or keep it in your kitchen while at home.  It’s a great way to track your progress throughout the day to ensure that you are getting that gallon in.

Make it tasty; enhance it with a flavor which can be purchased at the grocery store
Cut up some fresh strawberries or lemon, cucumbers, an herb such as mint
Add some stevia flavored packets or Crystal Light.

Whatever will get you to drink, do it!

You can also write on the jug.  A line at half way to be finished by mid morning, a reminder, or encouragement for yourself.

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Over time, your body will get accustomed to drinking in large amounts.  Yes, you will make frequent trips to the restroom, but you will also begin to crave the water and become more thirsty over time.  Whatever goes in must come out.  You will be flushing out all those lovely toxins in your body!

Another way to get a gallon in on the daily is to buy yourself a nice, 32 ounce water bottle.  Four of these bottles equals one jug.  FullSizeRender

These are great because they are transportable and less bulky while still keeping track of your water intake.

Morning consumption is KEY!  Start your day with filling a 32 ounce bottle or the jug.  Before you do ANYTHING pour a full glass of water from the bottle or jug.  Then, move on to your coffee, tea, breakfast, whatever.  Have another glass with breakfast (DO NOT tell me you skip breakfast!)   Be sure to pour STRAIGHT from the jug or bottle.  That way you know EXACTLY how much you are getting in. You should be done with one 32 ounce bottle and you haven’t left the house yet!  Only 3 more to go!  Easy, right?

Aim to have your second 32 ounce bottle or the second quarter of your jug consumed by noon.  You will be half way there and with a lot more time during the day to consume the 2nd half.  If you WERE to stop there you would have already had a 1/2 gallon and thats great!

One thing to note: I recommend to finish the gallon before 7 pm -that way you aren’t up all night going to the bathroom.

Do you have tips to drink more water? I’d love to hear from you. Please write me in the comments!  Cheers!