Understanding Weight Flucuations

Weight is touchy subject. The scale is insensitive. Weight is completely unpredictable.


You hop on the scale in the morning. It gives you a particular number.

You spend the day watching what you eat, knowing that you’ve been “good”, but the scale says your 5 pounds heavier than you were in the morning!  Now you’re thinking that you over ate and tomorrow you will simply eat less or do more cardio.

Furthermore, you’ve been “good” all week and the darn scale still doesn’t move! What gives?

The reality is, it is completely normal for it to fluctuate each day.   The weight on the scale is affected by SO many factors.

  1. Not enough salt
  2. too much salt
  3. Eating a burger
  4. Eating out
  5. Too little fiber
  6. Too much fiber
  7. When you eat soy sauce
  8. Having a very heavy leg training session
  9. A bad nights sleep
  10. Volume of a meal the night before
  11. Hormones for women
  12. More carbs than the day before
  13. When you muscles feeling sore
  14. Drink alcohol the night before

As you can see, the number on the scale is in NO way the best indicator of your progress.
It is completely normal for weight to fluctuate every day.  Unless you are 3500 OVER in one day it is not fat.  Most of the time it’s simply WATER.img_6528
Are your clothes looser?  Are people telling you that you look slimmer? THOSE are indicators of progress.
Therefore, don’t let that silly number rule your life, stall your progress or make you feel bad.
As long as you keep plugging away results will follow.  Take pictures and measurements, which are truly the key to measuring progress.  Not the silly machine lying on your bathroom floor.