Ways to Make Time for Your Workout

In today’s world it seems that everything is rushed. Work days are longer, we sleep less, and we run from board meetings to PTO gatherings and on to dinners and errands. With so much going on, it’s sometimes difficult to squeeze in a workout. While scheduling time to get your sweat on may seem impossible, I’m here to fill you in a few quick and easy ways to add exercise to your life without further overloading your schedule. 

Put it on the calendar – That’s right, just as you schedule your marketing meetings or your doctor’s appointments, you should also be scheduling your workouts. If you’re an early riser, pop it on first thing before any other meetings start. Find your energy mid-day? Schedule a workout over lunch. If you like to unwind with a workout, get it on there as a to-do before you head home. Scheduling your workout helps to ensure it’s not only top of mind, but that you’re also less likely to prioritize something else before it.

Break it up – Don’t have a full 60 minutes to spare? Break up your workout into smaller mini-workouts. Park further away in the morning and add 5-10 minutes to your walk in. Try a 20-30 minute walk at lunch. Do a 15 minute upper body workout before you cook dinner or a 15 minute lower body workout after dinner. You’d be surprised how all these mini workouts add up at the end of the day!

Watch while you work – Refuse to miss the latest episode of This is Us? There’s no reason why you have to! Pop that episode on and watch while you power through on the elliptical. If you don’t have equipment handy, challenge yourself to pushups and sit ups at each commercial break or get your squats going as the credits roll. About to embark on some major binge watching? No worries, commit to doing 10-15 minutes of something – even running in place – for each episode you watch. By the end of all your episodes, you will have scorched through major calories all while remaining caught up on the latest and greatest on Netflix. 

Socialize it – Instead of spending another Saturday night wining and dining, why not try something different? Ditch the over-priced, high calorie meals and take your significant other out for dance lessons! If choreography isn’t your strong point, challenge each other to a race or a pushup challenge. You can even log onto Groupon and find a new boxing or yoga class to try. Finding time for fitness doesn’t have to mean you leave date night behind. By switching things up, you can still spend quality time together while also improving your health. 

Take the stairs – It seems simple, but taking the stairs can be a real workout. Whether you’re at work or on the run, ditch the elevator and get your heart pumping on the stairs. Even if you find yourself surrounded by escalators, force yourself to climb instead of riding. The more you move the more calories you lose!

Dial in and dial it up – Have countless conference calls you need to attend during the day? Don’t spend that valuable time chained to your desk. Plug some mic-equipped headphones into your phone and get moving. Most conference calls last at least 30 minutes, so even if you only commit to moving for one call a day, that’s 30 minutes of cardio you can knock out without any impact to your schedule.

So now that I’ve crushed your excuses and given you food for thought, how will you ensure to fit in some fitness every day? Remember, being fit is not about quick fixes or mind-numbing programs. It’s about changing your everyday habits, moving more and eating better. Work in some of these time-saving tips and you’ll see just how easy it is to live a fit and happy life!

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