What is Flexible Dieting and How Does it Work?

Flexible Dieting Meal Planning | Pancakes & Push-ups

As you scour the internet looking for diets, you come across a long set of rules telling you what you can and what you cannot eat. The Paleo diet expects you to stay off grains and dairy. The Keto diet restricts all carbs. The Vegan diet says to stay away from animal products. 

All these rules are kind of hard to follow long term, which is what a successful diet plan needs.. After all, is there really any amazing substitute for bread, meats, and those yummy carbs? 

What is Flexible Dieting?

To begin with, flexible dieting is definitely not a license to eat however much you want, but there are no foods that you must omit. For weight loss, maintenance, and weight gain, the calorie balance plays an important role. If you eat more, then you will gain weight and if you eat less, then you will lose weight.

You may now be wondering exactly what is flexible dieting? The concept of flexible dieting revolves around following a nutritional plan wherein you don’t feel like you are on a diet. You monitor your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake and follow flexible dieting.

How Does Flexible Dieting Work?

When you follow a flexible dieting lifestyle, no food is considered good or bad. All types of food have their place in your diet. Some may be there for health reasons, some to improve your performance and some may merely be there because they taste oh-so-good.

The flexible diet plan enables you to fit food around your lifestyle instead of the vice versa way done in other diet plans. You do not have to fit your lifestyle according to the food. It gives you the freedom to prep perfectly portioned meals and removes rigidity from your diet. 

The rigid structure of diets actually makes you lose control over your diet faster. The more you refrain from the food you love, the more you will think about those treats and want to eat them. Eventually, the inevitable happens and you give in to your cravings. 

A flexible diet plan can help you balance all of your nutritional needs. The idea revolves around eating everything you like but in balanced proportions. You need to personalize it, however, and understand how many calories your body needs per day and balance your food intake to maintain that. 

Not Sure How To Begin?

There are several variations of the flexible diet plan, hence the name. Your personal diet plan will depend on whether or not you’re planning to lose weight, gain weight, or would like to maintain it. Start by listing all the foods that you like to eat and calculate the calories for 100 grams of each. 

If you are just starting out, then putting together a flexible dieting plan can be a little difficult. You will need to make sure that your fitness goals are in line with what you eat. Work with me to help you build a customized nutrition program that fits your lifestyle. And join my SloaneSquad App to keep up with all your daily fitness and health goals!

Once you have made your plan, all you need to do is motivate yourself to stick to it. With all your favorite foods incorporated into this type of diet, we are sure it is definitely not going to be too hard to follow.