Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Are you a “diet” lover?

21 Day Fix?
30 Day Challenge?
Detox Diet?
Green Tea Diet?
Low Carb?
No Carb?
Low fat?

I’m sure you have heard of many of these “diets”.   I’m sure you have tried a few of them if you are reading this post because it means you are interested in losing weight or trying to become a better version of you.

But do they work? NO!  The most successful diet is one that you can sustain over a long period of time.  After all, the more consistent you can be on a plan the better results you will have.

These “Fad Diets” are too extreme and simply, impossible to follow for more than a few days or weeks to maintain.  Therefore, they always end up in failure.

I’m sure if you have tried any one of the above mentioned, you may have lost 5 pounds in the first week, maybe a bit more throughout the duration of the diet, only to gain it all back in the end.  Reason being? You can’t be on extremely low calories or omit foods you love for a long time.
Once this “fad diet” is over, you go back to normal eating and you put back on the weight again.

Another reason they are actually bad for you?
These fad diets have you on extremely low calories.  You’ve eaten these low calories for a specific amount of time.  Now you’re left with a sluggish metabolism and burning less calories than when you started.  Reason being, your body temperature decreases from these low calorie “diets” which lowers your metabolic rate.

The bottom line? There is no “quick fix”.  I wish there was!  After all, if it were easy America wouldn’t have an obesity problem.

Weight loss products, pills, supplements –  is a huge industry.  Billions of dollars are made from tricking the customer into buying products and plans to that simply don’t work.

I love Flexible Dieting and teaching  people how to adhere to it because over time, it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle.

Find a lifestyle that you can adhere to long term.  The key to a successful diet? Consistency (and patience and time).   The longer you can do it, the more results you will have!


This is one of my clients – down 12 pounds in 12 weeks.  She eats all foods – NOTHING is off limits.  She goes out to eat, has a glass of wine, enjoys her social life.  She works with a budget of macros that I provide for her.  She balances what she eats, when she wants to eat it.

I teach Flexible Dieting because you should be able to live your life, not have a diet rule your life.

Feel free to leave a comment about your encounter with a special diet.  Would love to hear from you!