Why Flexible Dieting Works For Me (and will for you too)

Why Flexible Dieting Works | Pancakes & Push-ups

What is Flexible Dieting?

I don’t like to think as flexible dieting as a diet, but more of a lifestyle.  The beauty of flexible dieting is that it enables you to eat whatever foods you like, with no restrictions, and no foods that must be eaten in order for you to reach your goals.

Counting macronutrients is simply taking calorie counting one step further and breaking down the amount of protein, fat and carbs for you to not only lose weight but feel your best as well.  After all, if we FEEL good with how we are eating, we are more inclined to continue on that path. The easier you can make your weight loss journey, the more sustainable it will be.

Food is logged in order to be accurate with your flexible diet. Yes, logging food is an extra step in your day but without it, you really don’t know how much (or little) you’re eating.
If you “think” you’ve been good eating and still not where you want to be in terms of your physique then chances are you are eating too much. Studies show that most people over estimate the amount of food they are actually consuming compared to the amount they think they are eating. In a nutshell, tracking your food ensures accuracy.

Flexible dieting is a great tool to learn how to eat in moderation, gives you the ability to learn portion control, and how your meals should be balanced and look visually.  It also enables you to educate yourself about the value of each food you’re putting in your body.

Flexible dieting enables ME to be in control.  I don’t want to follow a diet where certain foods “must” to be eaten or are restricted, because the reality is it’s not sustainable.

Now that I have been following flexible dieting for a few years, I know the value of EVERY single food I put in my mouth and how my body responds to each food I feed it. Flexible dieting enables me to eat from all food groups, and most importantly without the guilt. THAT is having a healthy relationship with food.  And the best part? I was able to actually change my body and got RESULTS from it.

Incorporating Flexible Dieting Into Your Life

Flexible dieting teaches you that there are no “good” and “bad” foods. Yes, you can still lose weight having a slice of pizza or an ice cream for dessert. How do I know? Because I consistently eat these foods and have changed my body!

Flexible dieting takes away the need to binge, since you can eat whatever you want, simply by logging and accounting for it.

When you eat according to your macros, you know that you are fueling your body in a manner to which you train.  Each macro plays an important role in fueling your body and are vital to success.

Flexible dieting enables you to learn how much fiber you are incorporating in to your diet, as well as vitamins and minerals (micronutrients), which are critical to our well being.

Flexible dieting enables you to enjoy a night out with friends, holidays with family and special occasions without deterring you from your goals.

Flexible dieting eventually becomes a lifestyle which is the key to success in any diet plan!  The more knowledge you can obtain when it comes to your diet the better the relationship you will have with food.  The better your relationship with food, the more you are able to sustain that lifestyle, and the more you are able to sustain the more results will follow.
Flexible dieting simply translates into success!

If you think flexible dieting is right for you, you can find more information about my nutrition plans here.