Why Weight Lifting Won’t Make Women Bulk Up

Seeing women in the gym lifting weights has become increasing popular. More and more gals are picking up the dumbbells in the hopes to increase their strength and power as well as sculpt their body.

If you currently lift weights you probably already know that it’s the key to changing your body, but there are still some firm believers out there that continue to think that lifting weights will get them bulky.

Not only can I assure you first hand that it is the exact opposite of what will happenbut I will go through some science as well to prove to you that it will tighten and shape to create the physique you’re ultimately striving for.

We don’t make enough testosterone – Women simply don’t have the testosterone level to pack on tons of muscle mass.  Men have much higher testosterone levels (women have higher estrogen levels). Since testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone and because women have much less, they cannot put on muscle mass like men.

You will burn more calories – Most women want to get lean and reduce fat.  As we lift weights we increase our lean muscle mass and our metabolic rate.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn while resting, and throughout the day when you aren’t working out.  So lifting weights will actually get you leaner, not bulkier!

Building muscle takes time – I’ve lost weight and I’ve purposely tried to build muscle and put on weight. I can tell you first hand that it’s harder to build muscle.  While both ends of the spectrum take time and consistency, it’s much more difficult  to pack on the muscle.  You won’t suddenly wake up with popping muscles because you decide to hit the weights for a few months a few times a week.  It takes years to pack on a solid muscle foundation and even then you will not get bulky.

You will shape your body – not make it bigger.  The key to shaping your body is not endless amounts of cardio, trying to burn fat.  The secret to a tighter, more “toned” (there is no such thing – toning is actually building muscle) body is to create a solid, muscular base.  Cardio will not give you a perkier behind.  Lifting weights, performing heavy squats and deadlifts will.  Looking for more defined arms? You’ll need to pick up the weights, and we are not talking 3 or 5 pound weights.

You have to eat in a surplus to bulk up your body –  To really pack on muscle you have to eat in a surplus and lift heavy.  When was the last time you purposely over ate for a lengthy period of time?  It’s human nature for women NOT to push ourselves outside of our boundaries.  If you are purposely not eating enough calories then you won’t see an ample amount of muscle growth.  Performing resistance training three times a week with a low calorie diet will not be enough to pack on any kind of size, let alone get bulky.

As I continually say, to reach any fitness goal, a main component is to be consistent.  Working out one or two days a week won’t cut it if you are looking to really change your body. General health, lose weight, yes.

If you do stick to a weight training program I can almost guarantee that you will feel stronger, sexier, more confident (think badass!) than ever!

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