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Highly Acclaimed Kickstarter Plans from Sloane Davis include:
◊ Customized Nutrition Plan
◊ Access to Pancakes and Push Ups Community Page
◊ 12-Week Fat Burning, Muscle Building Exercise Program

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Sloane Davis is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who got fit at 40 with a combination of flexible dieting and a weightlifting program designed to lose fat and build muscle.  Her own transformation inspired her to help others do the same.  She has since helped thousands of people transform their bodies and minds using the same simple techniques.  Sloane continues to provide customized nutrition and workout plans plus countless tips and recipes through Pancakes and Push-Ups.


“I spent years under eating and spinning my wheels doing endless amounts of cardio to lose weight.  I completely transformed my body AND my mind using these same techniques that you’ll see in the Kickstarter Plans.  It is my goal to continue teaching others that you too can have a healthy relationship with food and get in to the healthiest and best shape of your life!”
-Sloane Davis



This is why Sloane’s Kickstarter Plans work!



You can eat whatever you want! A macros based nutrition plan is a flexible diet because no food is off limits.


The Pancakes and Push-Ups online community offers a place for members to ask questions and share ups and downs during their journey.

Training Plans

Lose weight, build muscle, at home or at the gym. The flexibility and efficiency provided in Sloane’s workout plans means there are no excuses!

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Be Inspired by the Pancake & Push-Up Community

 Find the plan that’s right for you…

Whether you’ve set a goal to lose weight, you really want to see your abs, or maybe you’re looking to build that booty.  Whatever your goals, there is a Kickstarter Plan that has been specifically designed to help you get there.  Sloane’s highly acclaimed Kickstarter Plans combine customized flexible dieting nutrition plans based specifically on your goals and a targeted workout plan to burn fat and build muscle by lifting weights.  Simply select the plan that’s right for you and Sloane will follow up with a questionnaire to be completed in order to customize your plan.

Each plan includes:

◊ Customized Nutrition Plan

◊ Access to Pancakes and Push Ups Community Page

◊ 12-Week Fat Burning Exercise Program

Don’t have access to a gym? Prefer to workout at home?  Just let us know whether you workout at home or prefer a gym workout and you’ll receive a workout plan that meets your needs.  No excuses! Now is the time to kickstart your fitness!

12 Week Kickstarter Shred Plan
The Kickstarter Weight Loss Plan is designed for you to lose weight while having a healthy relationship with food, get fit and build muscle. This effective program combines a customized nutrition plan and training plan to kickstart your new, healthy lifestyle!
Kickstarter Muscle Building Plans
Skinny fat? Spinning your wheels doing cardio and/or weights and not seeing results? Have 0-5 pounds to lose but just can’t seem to see results no matter how hard you try? If this sounds like you, your diet and training will be different than if you want to simply lose weight. Included in this muscle building package is everything you need to kickstart your new lifestyle, to build new muscle, and tighten and tone!
Men's Kickstarter Plans
The Men’s Kickstarter Plan is designed specifically for men to lose weight, build muscle, get fit and have a healthy relationship with food!

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