March 11, 2019

These workouts are designed to last around 45-50 minutes. If you only have 30 minutes or simply want to make them shorter, cut the sets in half or reduce by 1 or 2 if they are an odd number. Do what works for you!

Choose to workout whichever days you like, just make sure that you follow the workouts in order.

Make sure you warm up for a few minutes to reduce the risk of injury.


Today is lower body day.  Make sure you are challenging yourself with heavy weight, keeping time under tension. Meaning, don’t rush the moves! Slower is better when performing these types of lifts. Make sure you are resting at least 1 minute in between each set so that you can push as much weight as possible.  


Todays workout covers all of the muscle groups in the upper body.  Make sure you are lifting heavy enough to complete all the reps, yet still challenge yourself.
If you find that the highest number of reps is easy, it’s a good indication that you are ready to add more weight to the lift!


Today’s workout is full of high volume with compound moves, meaning we are doing 2 moves in 1.  Reps will be kept higher, which means weight will have to be on the lower side. 

Your heart rate will soar with these moves! Rest for 1 minute in between each set.


Today we are focusing on a 2nd full upper body day, covering all of the muscle groups.  Remember to push as much weight as you can without compromising form.  It is more important to do the full extent of the lift than half of it. 


Today is your 2nd heavy lower body day.  Do you write down how much you are lifting? If not it’s a good idea to! Any time we see things on paper it has a much bigger impression on us! And, you can’t always remember how much you lifted the previous week! Challenge yourself each week!


Use today to get in a 20-25 minutes low intensity cardio session
and add this bonus workout if you are feeling challenged


REST if your body needs it!

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