December 24, 2018


We are going to be performing many multi-functional moves in todays program, working your entire body.  Calorie burn will be high while still building muscle, heart rate will be up, and you will feel great when you’ve completed this amazing workout!
Take your time doing the exercises and be sure not to rush them.

Merry Christmas Get ready to sculpt some sexy arms today and build some strength!
We are performing low reps, so weight should be heavy!
Don’t rush the moves, as time under tension is key.

Today we are going to be working the shoulders from all angles.  The shoulder is a very small muscle, so weight is usually kept on the lower side.
Trainer tip: never raise the weight above the shoulder on lateral raises, upright rows and front raises.

A heavy leg day is in store for you today! We are keeping reps low so that means weight will try to be increased.
Don’t rush the moves, take your time and go slow!
Be sure to warm up with a few body weight squats before adding weight to the exercise. Once you get to your heaviest weight will you then start your working sets.

Today is a high volume upper body day.  Weight will be kept on the lighter side since reps are high.
Trainer tip: If it’s too easy then you know it’s time to increase the weight!

Today we are going to stretch and perform some ab exercises!
If you want to add in 20 minutes of low intensity cardio feel free! You have worked hard all week and it’s important to rest and feed your muscles so that they grow!

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