Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste some delicious, fast and fitness-friendly meals. Being a busy mom, and a fitness expert, I’m always on the lookout….

You train hard. You’ve eaten right, hydrated properly, and created the perfect body-sculpting combination of weight training and cardio. You even noticed that your favorite jeans are fitting better and….

As a fitness professional, this is a question I am often asked. It’s a fair question. We all have limited time in a day, and we want to ensure that….

With all the rave about calculating proper nutrients these days, it’s likely you’ve heard the words macro and micro nutrients. If you heard this in conversation with a friend or….

SIGN UP DATES: JANUARY 2 – JANUARY 19TH   POWER PANCAKE CHALLENGE STARTS Monday, January 20th and will end Tuesday February 18TH COST $50 (SloaneSquad members are encouraged to join….

When it comes to weight loss, being successful can often feel impossible. Between setbacks and bad days and do-overs, it seems many people are on a hamster wheel of health,….

I know it can be challenging, finding the motivation to workout and eat healthy can be tough. Everyone I know leads a crazy busy life full of obstacles, distractions and….

Dialing in and taking control of your nutrition is the best way to prepare your mind and body for the changes you’re working towards in your fitness journey. With the….

A One on One Life Coaching Plan provides a more hands on approach and access to me throughout your journey. A customized nutrition plan is designed specifically for YOUR goals….

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