4 Week At Home Edition Phase I

A 4 week training program for those who wish to workout in the comfort of their own home. A suggested amount of cardio and additional ab workout are also included in the plan. This program is a sure fire way to see results while dieting and looking to build lean muscle mass in order to change your physique. You will be surprised at how fit you can get with a few pieces of equipment in the privacy of your own home! The plan a includes video links to each exercise for visuals and instructions and tips are included in the plan as well.


Follow up this plan with the sequel: 4 Week At Home Workout Phase 2

To perform this workout you will need:
  • Dumbbells (A variety of weights are encouraged)
  • Bench or Ottoman
  • Stability Ball
*No refunds due to the digital nature of the product – please read product description before purchase.