This could be you!

Hi Sloane!  Take a look at these abs!  Look what your program did!! It’s only been about 14 weeks! Just wanted to show you my progress and thank you for teaching me about macros. You are truly a godsend! 



Pancakes and Push Ups has taught me so much!  Sloane has motivated me from day one on my journey always there for support. I have lost 50lbs and have never felt better!!  


If you want a sustainable diet approach with workouts that produce, Sloane’s plans are just that! Until I began flexible dieting, I struggled with a vicious restricting carbs and binge eating weekend cycle. I have learned so much on this journey and am continuing to everyday! Eating foods I love while sporting muscle definition:) Sloane knows her stuff and will motivate you to keep on pushing- small changes daily add up.


I followed Sloane’s flexible eating plans and had complete success! I saw a drastic change in my body, I lost weight, lost body fat and most importantly I built muscle which completely transformed my body! I learned new eating habits and tools to continue my new lifestyle by following her plans and guidance. Her plan is the last I will ever need!

#TransformationTuesday Everyday

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