This could be you!



Pancakes and Push Ups has taught me so much!  Sloane has motivated me from day one on my journey always there for support. I have lost 50lbs and have never felt better!!  


If you want a sustainable diet approach with workouts that produce, Sloane’s plans are just that! Until I began flexible dieting, I struggled with a vicious restricting carbs and binge eating weekend cycle. I have learned so much on this journey and am continuing to everyday! Eating foods I love while sporting muscle definition:) Sloane knows her stuff and will motivate you to keep on pushing- small changes daily add up.


I followed Sloane’s flexible eating plans and had complete success! I saw a drastic change in my body, I lost weight, lost body fat and most importantly I built muscle which completely transformed my body! I learned new eating habits and tools to continue my new lifestyle by following her plans and guidance. Her plan is the last I will ever need!

#TransformationTuesday Everyday

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