Whether your fitness takes place at home or in the gym, you can always find a workout here!

New to working out or need a refresh?
A great place to start is with my Beginner Workouts!

Your workouts are designed to last around 45-50 minutes. If you only have 30 minutes or simply want to make them shorter, cut the sets in half or by 1 or 2 if they are an odd number. Do what works for you!

The DAYS listed below should be done in order but you can space them out however you’d like. In other words, DAY 1 does not have to be done on a Monday, DAY 2 on a Tuesday etc. Perform the all the sets on the first exercise before moving on to the 2nd.  

Your legs and back have the largest muscles so you will be able to lift much heavier on those exercises.

I do not recommend cardio on lower body days.

Be sure that the last few reps are hard. If it feels too easy then increase the weight. Challenge yourself!

You should rest around 60 seconds in between each set.

On the lifts that only have 10 reps, the weight should be heavier than on lifts that have 15 reps. (lower the reps, heavier the weight, higher the reps, lower the weight)

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