Kickstarter Muscle Building Plans

Skinny fat? Spinning your wheels doing cardio and/or weights and not seeing results?  Have 0-5 pounds to lose but just can’t seem to see results no matter how hard you try?  If this sounds like you, your diet and training will be different than if you want to simply lose weight. Included in this muscle building package is everything you need to kickstart your new lifestyle, to build new muscle, and tighten and tone!


Highly Acclaimed Kickstarter Muscle Building Plan includes:

a flexible dieting plan based on macros customized for your body (NO food is off limits!)

food tracking guidelines and information for adjusting macros based on results

a grocery list with recommended foods and sample meals to give you ideas and keep you on track

access to a private Facebook community page that provides motivation, support and a place to ask questions to me and hundreds of others working on their goals just like you

a 12 week exercise program designed for you to workout and build muscle whether working out at the gym or in the comfort of your own home! The program works in three 4-week phases and includes the exercises, sets, reps and how to progress each week with your weights

cardio recommendations and timing suggestions


If you’ll be working out at home you’ll need:


•a stability ball

•bench or chair


Once purchased, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so that your diet can be made specifically for YOU!

*No refunds due to the digital nature of the product – please read product description before purchase.