6 Things To Do To Mantain Balance Over The Holidays

The holiday season can be a very stressful time for us. We are in the thick of it as we speak. There is less “me time” which means the first….

Counting Calories vs. Counting Macros

If you’re someone who’s already counting calories, then you may think “oh no, not another thing to count!” Counting macros can be great for your health though, and it makes….

How to Create Your Own Customized Nutrition Plan

There are a lot of weight loss and strength training diets available on the internet. While some may look easy, others may look more serious. However, one problem remains the….

The Primary Macronutrients Your Body Needs Most

If you’ve explored any form of fitness and nutrition over the past few years, you’ve likely heard the word macronutrients. Macronutrients are nutrients that provide the energy needed to maintain body….

Beat the Belly Bloat!

Do you feel like you have a little belly pooch often? Stomach looking a bit swollen after you eat or by the end of the day you look like you….

What NOT to do when trying to LOSE WEIGHT

MISTAKE #1 – Over exercising while cutting calories. When you don’t feed your body enough food your body adapts to whatever you give it.  Too much exercise, coupled with a low….

How to Decide if Weight Training is Right for You

With so many possibilities of getting fit are out there, you may be wondering if weight training is the right choice for you. You may also be wondering if it’s….

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

While many people think they are one and the same, losing weight and building muscle are two different goals! And if you are wondering how weightlifting is effective for fat loss….

The Power of a Refeed

If you have been dieting for a while and suddenly have hit a wall, it’s very likely that you are experiencing low leptin levels. Leptin’s main function in the body….


THE NEXT CHALLENGE WILL BE IN JANUARY! It was short, intense and had an awesome community all striving for the same mental and physical improvements! While each person had their….

Why Does the Scale Go Up When My Size Goes Down?

You train hard. You’ve eaten right, hydrated properly, and created the perfect body-sculpting combination of weight training and cardio. You even noticed that your favorite jeans are fitting better and….

Seven Things You Can Learn from My Successful Clients

When it comes to weight loss, being successful can often feel impossible. Between setbacks and bad days and do-overs, it seems many people are on a hamster wheel of health,….

6 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

I know it can be challenging, finding the motivation to workout and eat healthy can be tough. Everyone I know leads a crazy busy life full of obstacles, distractions and….

How You Can Tell If You’re Not Eating Enough Carbs

If you’re desperately trying to lose weight, your first line of effort may be to slash any and all carbs from your diet. Everywhere you look there seems to be….

Tips To Stay On Track During A Holiday Weekend BBQ

Summer means a plethora of barbecues and outdoor fun, so I wanted to share some tips on how to enjoy them without worrying about adding on extra pounds.  It is….

7 Meals Ready in 30 or Less!

For most people, one of the hardest things about eating healthy is the time is takes to cook. Whether you’re running late to work or running from work to whatever….

8 Reasons Why Following Someone Else’s Diet Wont Work For You

There is so much information out there it’s hard to tell what diets are good for you, which will be the most effective, and one that will actually work. One….

Five Perfect, Protein-Packed Dinners

As you likely already know, protein is the major building block of any healthy meal. It helps keep hunger at bay, builds stronger bones and muscles, and can even help….

Why Protein is So Important for Fitness and Health

No matter what weight loss program you’re trying to follow, you will almost always hear a cry for protein somewhere in the plan. Whether the suggestion is for high or….

Does Your Dieting History Play A Role in Your Weight Loss?

As human beings, we are naturally creatures of habit. Everything about our life and the way we live it is based on either habits we learned in our formative years,….

Ways To Help You Stop Throwing In The Towel

Ahh, the start of a new year. It’s filled with resolutions, inspirations and inevitably – failure and regret. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way?….

Are You Undereating?

You step on the scale and before your eyes, POOF, your weight has increased. Instinctually, you decide to start cutting calories. Maybe you skip breakfast, maybe lunch now consists of….

The Benefits of Weight Lifting For Your Body and Health

I often get asked why I stress so much on strength training when putting my clients on an effective weight loss program.  Strength training over the past few years has….

Five Ways to Reduce Your Hunger

It’s interesting the hold that hunger can have on us. Whether your hunger serves as it should, a simple signal from your body that it’s time for a meal or….

Tips To Keep Your Weight Loss On Track

Weight loss can be challenging both mentally and physically.  We all want a quick fix and the reality is it takes work, patience and consistency to see results. The good….

Tips To Help You Through The Holiday Season

This is the time of year when people get extremely nervous about the scale moving in the upwards direction while trying to enjoy festive occasions with family and friends. What….

Six Amazing Macro-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is an important meal of the day.  Ensuring that you’re filling your body with the right kind of fuel is the key to lasting energy and essential for weight….

Ways to Make Time for Your Workout

In today’s world it seems that everything is rushed. Work days are longer, we sleep less, and we run from board meetings to PTO gatherings and on to dinners and….

Why Eating “Clean” Does Not Dictate Weight Loss 

You are going to lose weight THIS time.  You rid your cabinets of all things processed. You add extra protein and veggies to your meal plan. You’re even careful to….

Why Fish Oil is One of the Best Supplements You Should be Taking

If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m in no way a pusher of supplements. Generally speaking, I believe that food and water are our best sources of the….

Healthy Snacks That Will Kill the Cravings

No matter how much willpower you think you have, it’s inevitable that eventually, your mind or body will begin to crave something that you term “bad” or “off limits”, and….

The Importance of Sleep – Don’t Snooze? You May Not Lose!

Most people don’t realize the importance of sleep. When we’re younger, we take sleep for granted and embrace the late nights and crazy schedules as a part of our youth…..

Why Intermittent Fasting Does Not Dictate Weight Loss 

You’ve likely heard of intermittent fasting and it’s effect it has on weight loss. While it can be a useful tool for some, keep in mind it is not some….

Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

You know the drill. Monday comes and you’re filled with inspiration and motivation that this will be the week when the scale finally tips in your favor. You will work….

Some Of My Best Tips To Make Weight Loss More Successful

Some Of My Best Tips To Make Weight Loss More Successful ⚡Try not to view your weight loss as a quick fix.  It’s important to be realistic about your goals…..

9 Of My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

Today I thought I’d share with you a little behind-the-scenes tour of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets that I use to create a healthy lifestyle as well as make my….

Healthy Banana Cake

  I continually make and experiment with different versions of banana cake. Some have a bit more protein, others a bit more fat.  This one is super low calories and….

Why I’m Not A Fan of Meal Planning

Why don’t I write meal plans?   Here’s why: Me telling you what to eat is a very short term solution to your weight loss and can only last so….

Topnotch Tips For The Holidays – Workout Included!

The Holidays are the time of year when people get extremely nervous about the scale moving in the upwards direction while trying to enjoy festive occasions with family and friends…..

Why Is Summertime So Hard To Lose Weight?

You would think that because summer is the time to sport our swimsuits and let down our inhibitions with shorts and tank tops that it would be easy to lose….

How To Enjoy A Night Out Without Gaining Weight

I wanted to share with you how to enjoy a night out without packing on the pounds.  It is a very common question I often get asked from clients, as….

Get Fit at 40: Fitness guru shares tips

Sharing my fit and healthy tips on Fox5DC Good Day. Watch the video here: Fox 5 DC Get Fit at 40: Fitness guru shares tips

What’s The Rush?

One of the biggest things that drive me crazy on the internet is when I see “Join The 10 Day Challenge” or “Lose It In 21 Days” or even yet,….

How To Stay Fit When Traveling

Trying to stay fit and healthy can be challenging when traveling.  I always tell my clients that the goal should be to maintain, not gain while away.  And while I….

Screw The Scale!

DO NOT LET THE SCALE DEFINE YOU!!! Stop stressing about the number on the scale! The scale cannot separate and does not take in to account the amount of muscle….

One Of My Favorite Snacks

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. It’s is a high volume food, meaning you get a lot for a little amount of calories, especially if popped with little or…. Article – Kickstart Your Weight Loss Motivations & Rev Up Your Health

  Read the full article here:  5 Ways to Kickstart Your Weight Loss Motivation & Rev Up Your Health Finding the motivation to make change can sometimes be the biggest….

Under Eating Isn’t Always The Answer To Weight Loss

To lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit.  The more calories you eat than burn, the more you gain weight.  But what most people don’t understand is….

Are You Constantly Thinking About Food?

Are you constantly thinking about food? Do you finish your meal and think about the next? Do you dwell on things you “shouldn’t” or don’t get to eat? Long ago….


Oats…A superfood when it comes to watching your waistline and being healthy.  Oats are whole grain, have heart healthy fats, lower cholesterol, and are full of fiber, which will keep….

CBS News Reports on Flexible Dieting

At Pancakes and Push-ups, our clients follow a flexible dieting philosophy.  This article from CBS News gives a nice overview. Flexible dieting trend leaves room for doughnuts Flexible dieters can….

Tips For A “Healthier” Halloween

Halloween and healthy are like ying and yang. There is no way around it, there simply is no “healthy” halloween.  But, if you know me and my motto, you know….

Tips to the Wholly Water?

Most of us know the recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  It flushes you out, prevents certain cancers, disease and obesity.   It keeps your skin looking….

Why am I not losing weight?

Have you tried everything and can’t seem to lose weight?  Whether it’s numbers on the scale, inches from your waist, or just wanting your jeans feeling a bit looser, there….


Fiber is crucial to a well balanced, healthy diet. It’s a carbohydrate that doesn’t get digested and broken down in to sugar, so it keeps you fuller longer which in….

Why Weight Lifting is Essential for Fat Loss

I often get asked why I stress so much on strength training when putting my clients on an effective weight loss program.  Strength training over the past few years has become….

The Secret to Success?

Is there a secret to success when it comes to diet, exercise and looking and feeling good? The key to getting results is to put in the hard work, day….

Say NO To Cleanses and Detoxes!

As a Nutritionist, Life Coach and Trainer, I always try to rely on science when informing my clients and followers on ways to be healthy and fit.  There is zero….

The “TONING” Effect

Two biggest “goals” I receive from clients on their questionnaires are one, learn how to eat and have a healthy relationship with food, and two, have toned, sculpted arms.   In….

Fabulous Fiber

Did you know that a high-fiber diet can help you fight fat and avoid weight gain? Here are some tricks to get that fiber incorporated in to your diet: ✔Avoid….

Should You Be Eating Back Your Exercise Calories?

A very common question I get asked a lot is whether or not you should add back calories you burn during exercise. The answer is a BIG  – NO! If….

Useful Tips to Fight Fat-Loss

With so many crazy diets out there, its easy to get confused and especially caught up in false approaches that simply don’t work.  I thought it would be helpful to write….

Breaking Bad Habits

So many of our downfalls come from simply having bad habits.  If we can break the habits, we would be able to make our resolutions and lifestyle changes that will….

Super Swaps

Diets can always use a tweaking.  Here are a few examples of foods you may eat on a daily basis.  If you make some swaps you can be benefiting from….

Single Best Way to Burn Calories and Lose Weight?

Whether you are a male or female, the same rules apply: Single best way to burn fat? Lift weights. Single best way to lose fat? Lift weights. Single best way….

Understanding Losing Fat vs. Gaining Muscle

Lifting weights is the best way to compliment good nutrition if your goal is fat loss, but the scale may not always reflect a number in your favor. I am….

Helpful Tips To Keep You On Track

I often get messages from people who are confused and frustrated because they are working out and “eating clean” but their bodies aren’t changing. Here are a few important aspects….

Motivation For You!

Fallen off the bandwagon? Need some motivation?  It happens to all of us. If you’ve fallen off, get back on and more importantly, move on.   MAKE A PLAN! Its….

Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Are you good at sticking to your diet all day and then suddenly want to consume everything you see in sight after dinner? I’m talking salad, grilled chicken and veggies….

The Secret to Changing Your Body

Want to change your body?  There really are no secrets.  No pills, potions nor powders are going to get you to the body of your choice.  But…there is science which….

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Are you a “diet” lover? 21 Day Fix? 30 Day Challenge? Detox Diet? Green Tea Diet? Low Carb? No Carb? Low fat? I’m sure you have heard of many of….

Understanding Weight Flucuations

Weight is touchy subject. The scale is insensitive. Weight is completely unpredictable. You hop on the scale in the morning. It gives you a particular number. You spend the day….

Why Flexible Dieting Works For Me (and will for you too)

What is Flexible Dieting? I don’t like to think as flexible dieting as a diet, but more of a lifestyle.  The beauty of flexible dieting is that it enables you….

Why I Love Carbs and You Should Too

I used to be the person who thought that carbs were the enemy and that I would gain weight if I ate them.   In hindsight, I had a very unhealthy….


Sodium plays an important role in the regulation of bodily fluids. It transports potassium to muscle cells which helps contribute to a much fuller appearance if lifting weights and strength….

Greek Yogurt Does a Body Good

Protein – so important when it comes to diet and exercise. Helps build those muscles, keeps you feeling full, and is essential in aiding every cell, tissue and organ. It’s….

Beautiful Water

Hydration is important for weight loss – always aim to get 9-11 (or a gallon) of water in each day.  These ice cubes make that much easier and tastier! Fill….


There are many factors that go in to getting the body you want, but one of the most important is CONSISTENCY.  Whatever program you choose to follow, if you aren’t….

To Carb or Not to Carb?

Are low/no carb diets essential for fat loss? There is NO need to remove carbs entire from your diet in order to lose body fat. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source….


Stevia is perhaps the only sweetener that is not just “not harmful,” but has actual health benefits. It has no calories, is 100% natural, and if you choose the the….

Fox 5 Good Day New York Appearance

I’m excited to announce that I was featured on Fox 5 NY Good Day Street Talk on October 31st with Antwan Lewis. The segment was about how to have a….